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    Global Terrorism Risk Solution 

    Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services offers comprehensive terrorism insurance products and services to provide you with a Global Terrorism Risk Solution, including specific products to help you address issues related to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act ("TRIEA").

    On behalf of its clients, Gallagher has developed relationships with market-leading insurance and reinsurance companies who have a proven track record in the terrorism arena. We also have access to exclusive facilities. The insurers who underwrite these facilities have dedicated terrorism teams with efficient turnaround times. They will write on a primary, excess and full-value basis (including co-insurance) on both an insurance and reinsurance basis. Capacity is available in all major metropolitan areas in the United States (subject to aggregate), as well as on a worldwide basis.

    We are able to structure property and liability terrorism insurance programs, including Auto Liability and Auto Physical Damage, two lines of coverage now excluded from TRIEA. We are also able to structure “wrap around” coverage to fill the gaps that might be prevalent in your insurance program as a result of changes in TRIEA.

    Gallagher terrorism team has recently placed a number of risks, including the first Lloyd’s stand-alone Auto Liability Terrorism Risk (to fill the gap in coverage as a result of the changes in TRIEA), and risks ranging all the way from a U.N. Embassy in New York City to a sock manufacturer in North Carolina.

    We can also offer Risk Control Services to help mitigate your exposure to terrorism acts. Plus we have created a customized Intelligence Bulletin through a partnership with Exclusive Analysis, Brit Insurance and Gallagher Global Risks. With a purchase of terrorism insurance, this product can provide you with weekly updates of worldwide terrorism events to keep you aware of the type of activity that is occurring.

    Please contact your Gallagher representative to receive further information on our products and services.

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    What is TRIA? 

    After 9/11, insurers stopped offering terrorism insurance. Fearing that lack of terrorism coverage would impede economic recovery, the U.S. Congress passed the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 (TRIA).

    The act required insurers to provide terrorism insurance to commercial policyholders. In return, the U.S. Federal Government agreed to cover insurers' losses above a certain threshold in the event of a foreign act of terrorism.

    This information is provided from a general insurance/risk management perspective and is NOT legal advice. Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services (AJGRMS) does not provide legal advice as it is not qualified to do so. AJGRMS recommends that you seek the advice of legal counsel in order to become fully apprised of the legal implications related to the information provided above as such implications are highly dependent on the unique facts and circumstances applicable to an individual situation.

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