Product Liability/Recall


    Product Liability and Recall 

    No one intentionally sets out to manufacturer a defective or hazardous product, but errors in judgement, lack of knowledge and uncontrollable elements can cause manufacturing flaws , defective design, and defective warning/instructions.

    If your company manufacturers, distributes or sells products to the public, then your business needs product liability insurance.  Those businesses that have not equipped themselves to deal with a crisis risk being confronted with a series of threats:

    • Boycotts of the company's products or services
    • Collapse of the share price
    • Serious legal claims
    • Loss of credit
    • Bankruptcy
    • Serious damage to the company's image and reputation
    • Loss of corporate senior and middle management
    • Possible closure of the company or parts of it
    • Abandonment of the company's brand



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