Business Continuity


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Business Continuity

A global economy brings with it business risks that are no longer unimaginable. An emergency disaster plan might have been an appropriate risk management approach at one time, but the challenges businesses face now are more complex and require a more comprehensive approach.

Gallagher professionals will work with your team to develop a business continuity plan to help assure the continuation of your business before, during and after a major crisis. We will look at your organization, recommend the appropriate administrative structure to be put into place and:

  • identify critical systems and operations
  • perform a risk impact analysis
  • identify the financial costs associated with a failure
  • generate recommendation to eliminate, mitigate, or transfer the risk
  • establish recovery objectives, timeframes, resources and plans
  • develop crisis communications plans, including information telling employees where to go, who to contact and what to do

Want to know more? Contact our professionals at the branch location nearest to you.

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Risk Impact Analysis

All threats aren’t equal. An earthquake might be a major threat to California businesses, but an unlikely exposure for businesses in Kansas. Some common risks businesses face include:

  • Biological/chemical threats
  • Cyber risk
  • Fire
  • Hostage/kidnapping
  • Loss of utilities (electric, gas, water)
  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires)
  • Public health epidemic
  • Protests/riots
  • Supply chain failure
  • Terrorism/sabotage/hijacking
  • Work slowdown/stoppage
  • Workplace violence

A risk impact analysis quantifies the likelihood, impact, forewarning, onset speed, duration and intensity of the threat in order to determine the best approach for establishing recovery plans facilitating the continuation of business.



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